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MMDoC Revival Meta - Open (Jan 2019 - ENG)

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I tried to collect some replays of current games and analyze the meta of the first days of MMDoC.
While we are still at the dawn of rebirth, and everyone plays for their own pleasure, remembering their favorite decks and not bothering about the rating. Therefore, now there is a chance to enjoy the most diverse meta. And that's how it turned out:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

Heroes and factions:


Short review:

The most popular race - Inferno
A large part of the players have an irrational love for this race. It is far ahead of all the others in popularity, although it turns out to be very average in win rate. Perhaps this is due to the dominating of winferno in the previous patch, or because of the variety of possible mechanics, or maybe simply because of the beautiful design of the card-arts. And considering the stats, we can make some ideas about popularities of the different heroes. For instance, Belias tried to counter different controls and steels, however they suffered more from rushes and midranges.

The most popular hero - Yukiko
The real hero of the meta, who entered the game in all possible combinations. It has a really wide set of tools to counter any stall or control. Even Midrange-Spell  Yuki keeps in reserve Dark Lotus Pond, which favorably distinguished her from other spell midranges.

Highest win rate – Sanctuary
Sanctuary has the many other champions with significantly positive statistics.

And here the champions of positive statistics are also naked.
They have a huge functionality against against fortune and spell stalls (and still know how to remove cards against combo decks). They are fast, and they are full of counter stacks due to the ambushes.
Therefore, Akane (C) and Kenage simply broke the meta.
At the same time, in the faction of the sanctuary, the largest percentage of unused heroes in general. Yuki Kenage and Akane are too good in comparison with others.

Also, it should be noted, that there are very few games played on Namtaru. It looks like, everybody are bored from here during  the last rating season.

As the overall result we can conclude: the meta is really diverse: you can meet rush, midrange, control and stall with almost equal probability. And every of them can include the fortunes or spells, even all three types of cards in the same proportion. And this is great! See you again!

Calculation method:
Statistics were summarized based on an analysis of 951 replays from 12 players who sent me their turnips (by the way, thank them very much for that!). In this case, only the heroes of their opponent were analyzed, which means that almost everyone who played against them was included in the statistics (so that the statistical errors were minimized). However, since the level of players who submitted replays is above average, the total win rate of their opponents was 43.5%.
The archetypes and types of cards in the decks are conditionally distributed in accordance with the subjective opinion of the author.There are intermediate cases in which it is difficult to decide: is this deck control or midrange?

P.S. I have very few replays in STD mode, so if you want to see something like this - send packs of your replays to me in as personal message on the forum or in MMDoC Revival discord.



Archetypes tips:

Rush - Decks that use the maximum of cheap creatures at the start, emptying their hand in the first two or three turns and trying to do maximum damage to the face. Usually have indirect sources of damage to remove the last few points of health. They do not care about the exchange of cards at all, they finish the game in 4-6 moves. Examples: Crag, Xorm

Aggro - Decks, which are based on creatures with a slight addition of spells-fortunes. They are characterized by a large number of cheap creatures (unlike rush, there may have also some large creatures) with a tendency to get the maximum possible pace and pressure on the board, and to finish the game as quickly as possible. Mass removals in such decks are usually absent, and the main damage is sent to the face. Examples: Rage-Keltor, Kenage.

Midrange - Balanced decks, the basis of which is to provide the efficient use of all resources throughout the whole game. The distribution of creatures is normal with a maximum of 2.5-3 mana, and they include cheap mass-removals and locks. Such decks take care of both the tempo and the number of cards in the hand. Against rush and aggro, they play as control, against controls - as rush. Effective decks can include special combinations, which gives a great one-time gain in tempo. Examples: Siegfried, Spell-tor (aka Spell Shaar).

Control - Heavy decks, the main task of which is to ensure an advantageous trade regarding the number of cards. They typically include heavy creatures that change 1 to 2-3, or powerful board clears. The idea is that your opponent runs out of cards, and you still have a full hand left. The strength of such decks opens with 6-7 resources and only grows further. The general characteristic of such decks is that profitable exchanges, which result in complete control of the table and allows you to finish the game. Usually these decks include significant number of creatures (with the exception of Dark Gazal). Examples: Gate Garant, Ariana by Blizzard89, Dark Gazal.

Stall – Decks whose purpose is not to fight for the board in principle. All their damage is indirect, and it is dealt with either spells / fortunes, quick attacks, or the destruction of an opponent’s deck. At the same time, during the first turns, these decks use various protective mechanisms to ignore the threat from the table: shields, shadow altars, mass removals and thrones. Example: Mill-Hakim, Discard Ignat, Mass-Rage Alia

Combo - decks, the victory condition of which consists in the realization of a certain specific combination of cards. Their peculiarity is that they often contain cards that you will never see anywhere else, except in this combo. Often they are, along the way, stalls (such I mean the stall combo), but not always. In some cases, the executable combination itself allows you to defend several moves, so these decks require a separate category. Examples: Ammar-Otk, Stack Seria by SBloodS


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