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MMDoC Revival by HoMM3_HD

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The actual client of MMDoC Revival:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OxAAQx … y4bhm/view

There is the translation of the original post of HoMM3_HD

HoMM3_HD написал(а):

Since this is the first alpha, and even not quite open, I did not bother with the installer. The game is just in ahiva.
Unpack the archive somewhere (just not in ... \ Program Files ...).
Run DoC_Lobby.exe (you can attach a shortcut where necessary).

The game needs DirectX 9.0c, MS Visual C ++ Redistributable 2012, MS Visual C ++ Redistributable 2013, .Net Framework 3.5, .Net Framework 4.0
you will need to supply the missing.

Known issues:
1. So far, the online service is very demanding on the quality of the Internet, and if you don’t have it very much, there will be disconnects (with the victory of the opponent in a duel). The solution - a stable connection regardless of the quality of Ineta - will be in the next version.
2. If you surrender while the opponent is still in mulligan mode (choosing the starting hand), then the opponent may display the wrong result of the duel (defeat).
I'll remember something else, I'll write it.
*. It is very likely that your antivirus will swear on DocCore.dll and DoC_Lobby.exe, in which case you will need to add these files to the exceptions.
If this is the case, then write what kind of antivirus on which Windows to which file swore.
For example, I have Kaspersky fries swearing at DoC_Lobby.exe, saying not-a-virus: HEUR: Downloader.MSIL.Generic and blocking.
In the future I will try to do something about it, but I'm not sure about success.
*. The interface is snapped up and will change.

Once again: The release is not for the general public (it is not yet properly designed, and contains the content of Yubisoft). Shouting about it is not necessary.
You don’t need to be silent either, but if you refer to alpha, it’s not in public, but in private correspondence.
You can call your friends. You can call some Xevala, Sergus VI, D4rk-Messiah, the most loyal game of the top Poles, if you have contacts ... Suddenly, one of them will be interested.

Write about impressions, problems, everything.
Alpha works for you or does not work, be sure to write what version of Windows you have.



Three things:

First - Rebjata, you are AWESOME. This is just mindboggling. Words cant express how great it was to be able to play DoC again! Pure bliss. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Second -  What can I do to help you guys keep it alive? World needs that game. I'm ready to help.
Third - How to get the latest patch to play it online? Right now I can only play it offline because I need patch 0.97 15. And how to find players? I assume there are not tens of players online at any given moment, because this thing is kept kinda secret?

And again - thank you!



For correct work of mmdoc lobby, you should add the game folder to the exceptions for Windows Defender or another active anti-virus. The defender is very scrupulous about the attempts of the lobby to quietly launch game.exe and removes a lot (particulary DoC_Update.exe).

The update happens automatically. If at the entrance to the lobby the game is not automatically updated and the online mode is blocked, this means that the antivirus has already remove the updater. In this case, you can separately download the file DoC_Update.exe, put it in the folder with the game, and run from there. After that, everything should work
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ … Update.exe

For the actual discussions, you are invited to the MMDoC Revival Discord Server.
You can ask all questions there. After you go there, you need to write on the waiting-room channel and indicate your active languages. Then you get access to discussion on these languages of the discord server.

Typical online is about 20-30 people. So it is possible to find a game in 5 mins (at least at evening)


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